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Although I like the appearance of eyelash extensions, keeping eyelashes every month is unrealistic for my busy life. This is why I like to try eyelash serums that provide length and volume over time-these results are permanent. Fans say that Liaison's Lash Bond is like this, and more. We got an exclusive discount for STYLECASTER readers to try it out. Use the code "SECRET50" to enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase price. Fraction!

"I work in the beauty industry, and I have a client asking me...Where do I make my eyelashes!" a fan wrote on the brand's website. “Before I decided to try Liaison, I at least tried different eyelash serum brands, but none of them worked for me,” another said. "When I looked at my photos and realized that it really worked, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was addicted." Anyone can write a comment, but these before and after photos speak for themselves.

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Liaison uses vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to nourish and help repair disulfide bonds (this happens if you use ashes extensions, glue or cosmetics). This formula stimulates the weak bond of eyebrows and eyelashes to promote repair. Complete and healthy eyelashes are in your future.

If this works so well for your eyelashes, why don't you also use it on your eyebrows? you can!

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Lash & Brow Bundle Kit contains Lash Bond and Brow Bond to make eyebrows thicker. The results speak for themselves.

Brow Bond uses the same hair growth technology to make eyebrows visibly fuller and healthier, allowing you to guide Cara Delevingne unknowingly. "My eyebrows have started to fill in areas that I have not been able to regenerate for 15 and a half years, including using other growth serums. I may save my over-plucking of eyebrows in the 90s," wrote a fan.

Hurry up and buy serum or kits at our 50% discount. Tip: They are all great gifts!

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