I am a beautician, and what I see will make you cringe-a woman with eyelashes appears in a very embarrassing place

2021-11-22 05:58:04 By : Mr. ALEX GUI

We all like to pamper ourselves with some beauty treatments from time to time-but for the professionals who provide these treatments, this process is not always a happy thing...especially when it comes to nightmarish clients.

Professionals in the beauty industry have started complaining about their worst clients ever on social media, and some of the stories are absolutely shocking.

A professional waxer felt "scared" after having a very unusual encounter with one of her clients.

Waxer Priscilla often shares her bikini waxing expertise on Tiktok, and she shared a story about her having to "flick" a client's ass.

When she realized there was a foreign object in the client's butt, she was doing wax.

She explained: "I not only yelled at my client,'What's the matter with your ass?', I also dumped her. This is the first time I dumped my ass on my client. ."

She soon discovered what the mysterious object was.

She revealed: "She has a full eyelash extension strip on her butt, and I can swear it is a caterpillar.

"I'm so fucking scared, I won't lie."

The reviewer was completely stunned by the story.

"Did she say how it got there?" an audience member asked.

Priscilla replied: "Lmao she said she was sitting on the side of the bathtub and wiping her feet. It might have gotten something from there."

"Oh my God. I just vomited my drink! It's not ready yet!" the shocked commenter said.

The beautician and electronic scientist Olivia shared her most shocking customer horror stories with her followers on Tiktok, which shocked her audience.

In the video, Olivia said that when she arrived at the dating site, she noticed that the client's pants were wet.

Soon after, she noticed a "rancid smell" during the treatment. 

In the end, she plucked up the courage to ask what happened, and her client revealed that she pulled her pants during lunch, but she didn't want to miss the date.

Olivia said: "As soon as she told me, I ended the meeting."

Many commenters argued that some people have intestinal problems and just can't stand it, but Olivia said: "I also have stomach problems. I will only call to cancel instead of going anyway."

The beauty expert said that when she realized that her client had an accident, she was "shocked, to say the least." 

Many others agree that this is totally unacceptable. 

"Why isn't she embarrassed to cancel and go home, my goodness," one shocked commenter said, and another added: "I will refuse service. This is totally unacceptable."

One person simply said: "What! People are shameless."

Ipek, an eyelash technician, presents all kinds of eyelash nightmares on her page—from botched work done by other technicians to customers who have almost no eyelashes due to lack of maintenance.

However, she chose this to prove that being an eyelash technician is not as charming as people think, because this client made her "gag".

The client did not wash her eyelashes or eyelids, and a serious accumulation of makeup and dirt has formed.

She explained: "So today a customer showed up. The eyelashes are dirty, but the eyelids are dirty.

"Before trying to clean my eyelashes, I think I will remove makeup, oil and dirt from my eyelids."

She added: "Honestly, it disgusts me. Everyone has seen the simple part of being an eyelash technician, but no one has seen this side.

"Well, I'm here to show you all the other things we still have to deal with-it's not all charming and beautiful."

Ipek described the experience as "creepy," but admitted that it was very satisfying to clean.

"Please keep your eyelashes clean! Not only the eyelashes, but also the surrounding area. This is very important for your safety," she urged her audience.

The reviewer was shocked by the lack of maintenance by the customer.

"Is this invisible to them or something? I can't believe it is true", one viewer wrote.

Another added: "How can you make it like that?"

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