Amazon shoppers praise 'amazing' DIY eyelash extension kit that's 'great value for money' - Liverpool Echo

2022-06-24 22:27:27 By : Ms. shuang wu

Shoppers were amazed at how the product helped them achieve a 'beautiful' look at home

Amazon shoppers have been trilled about an eyelash extension kit that has received over 650 five-star reviews online.

The LANKIZ DIY Eyelash Extension Kit costs £32.77, and beauty fans are raving over the product. It’s said to help users be their own eyelash technicians by achieving 'countless lash looks' at home.

It gives users up to two weeks of voluminous and full lashes without the need to go to a salon. The self-application eyelash adhesive has no fumes and is designed to be irritant-free. The kit also comes with 80 pieces of individual lashes, eyelash tweezers, eyelash shampoo and an instruction manual.]

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LANKIZ is best known for its DIY individual eyelash kits, eyelash tools, and eyelid foam cleanser. This particular product however, has over 1.2k reviews and 57% of those have been five stars from happy shoppers.

One reviewer said: “I am by no means a lash tech but this lash set makes it pretty much effortless to apply individual lashes! I did both eyes in about 20/30mins which was a bonus! I would 100% recommend it!"

A second added: “As a first-timer with any kind of lashes, I was sceptical it wouldn't look any good until around my third try... However, I'm more than happy with the results!! Looks kind of natural for a first-time effort, and I can only imagine it getting better! Both eyes took around 20 mins in total. I'm so happy to have found this solution! Highly recommended!”

A third shopper said: “Love this kit, the glue is the best at-home one I have used and the lashes are very fluffy. The applicator it comes with makes it a lot easier to apply. This is my first time using a home kit as I am trying to save money. I would say personally it’s even better than getting them done in a salon, due to the fact that if you lose a few you always have back-up, and it's easier to fit the time in as well as cutting the costs down!"

Shoppers can purchase the eyelash extensions kit here for £32.77.

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