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2022-07-22 22:09:20 By : Ms. Ashley Wang

While a great mascara or some high-quality extensions can do wonders when it comes to creating the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to go au naturel and still feel confident in their length. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the fullest lashes around—but there are a few things that can help get us a little closer to that ranking.

To discover the best expert-approved tips and tricks for achieving naturally gorgeous, long eyelashes, we checked in with dermatologist Ksenia Sobchak of Loxa Beauty. Sobchak not only told us some of the best products to use, but also provided some warnings for the pitfalls to steer clear of if you want to avoid breakage. Find it all below!

Use Lash Growth Products And Supplements

Although it may sound obvious, there's no denying that using products and topical medications specifically designed to stimulate lash growth is one of the best ways to reach your eyelash goals. Sobchak recommends a few different options. "Some over-the-counter medicines may have prostaglandin analogs, which influence eyelash growth," she notes, explaining that "this component lengthens, thickens, and darkens natural eyelashes, enhancing their appearance."

Additionally, you should keep an eye out for lash serums and mascara that contain antioxidants and peptides, which Sobchak says can help improve lash growth. Aloe vera is another great option, as this moisturizing ingredient "offers increased collagen that boosts lash growth." Nice!

In conjunction with these topical products, you can also promote longer, thicker lashes from the inside out with supplements. "I usually advise my clients to consider supplements, such as biotin and collagen, if they have hair growth issues," Sobchak suggests. She says that together, "these two help grow thicker body hair, starting from the head." And that includes your lashes!

Always Remove Your Makeup And Wash Your Face

While using the right products can certainly make a world of a difference in your lash growth, it's also important to remember a few more crucial steps: removing your makeup and cleansing your face every night before bed. "If you sleep with makeup, the chances of damaging your eyelashes increases," Sobchak warns, explaining that "products like mascara stiffen the lashes, raising their proneness to breakage." Wearing these products 24/7 can even lead to eyelid disorders like infection and dermatitis, which can hinder the growth of your eyelashes. For this reason, she urges everyone to use makeup remover or wipes and clean their faces before sleeping.

Sobchak also says that rubbing your eyes is another major culprit of lash breakage, so it's important to avoid this habit as much as possible—as tempting as it may be, your lashes will thank you for practicing restraint!

At the end of the day, the rate at which your eyelashes grow is determined by a number of factors, from the products you use to plain old genetics. If you want to ensure your they're growing as fully and as healthily as possible, talking to an expert to come up with a personalized game plan is your best bet. However, Sobchak's advice is a great place to start. You'll be on your way to your lash goals in no time!

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